21 5 / 2012

GSoC 2012

by dmoritz

Hello, my name in Dominik and I’m one of the two Summer of Code students that work on projects from mySociety, more precisely PopIt. I’d like to use this post to briefly describe what I will be doing.

My summer will be split up into two parts which will have a different focus. In the first half I will work on PopIt and will help to get it to a point from which I can start my second project for the second half which will be a website that collects information about university professors.

You may ask why university professors?

I think that university professors play a very important role in our societies. They teach future generations, give statements in the media and are considered to be generally credible. However, it is often very difficult to find background information that helps you understand statements. That is why I want to build a website that offers a place to make important information available.

Developing this platform will also help validating the PopIt API and data model.

Open does not only mean availability, but also accessibility!

Okay, back to the first half. First, I will work on issue #95, being a simple migration tool that lets you initially import data into PopIt. After that I will continue to work on PopIt but I don’t know exactly what it will be.

That being said, I am excited about this summer and will post updates soon.